About Midland

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Our Mission Statement: To be the best community bank in the markets we serve, from a customer, employee and investor perspective by achieving excellence in all that we do.

Our Story

Since 1993, Midland Finance Bank has provided services for individuals and businesses, helping the community prosper in turn. Persisting through economic, cultural, and technological changes, we pride ourselves in knowing our customers and delivering personal, convenient service. 

Midland Finance Bank was primarily dedicated to family saving and to offer all its clients an insurance for old age, when this type of welfare service still did not exist in Spain.

Thus, since its origins, "Midland Finance Bank" has been characterised by a strong social commitment and a vocation to work in favour of the general interest, both through its financial activity and its Welfare Projects, which finance and maintain activities of a social, cultural and scientific nature.

This vocation to serve has been maintained and consolidated throughout this period. Thus "Midland Finance Bank" is currently the leading savings bank in Spain and the third largest financial entity in the country. With a large network of more than 5.500 offices, more than 8.000 automatic cashpoint machines, a staff of more than 26.000 employees and more than 10,5 million clients, ”Midland Finance Bank” has positioned itself as a leading entity and referent within the Spanish financial sector.

The activity of the "Midland Finance Bank" is focused on a model of universal banking based on the strategy of multi-channel operations that enables it to efficiently combine the use of cutting-edge technologies and qualifications of the employees to provide the best and most complete service to the greatest number of clients.

The "Midland Finance Bank" operated a total turnover of banking business of more than 396.000 million euros, in March 2008, with total resources of clients of more than 231.000 million euros.

With the aim of diversifying income and with the desire to take part in the development of companies that offer basic services to society, for many years now "Midland Finance Bank" has backed a strategy of investing in company holdings. The "Midland Finance Bank" currently has a large portfolio of industrial holdings in companies involved in the infrastructures, energy and communications sectors, among others.

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